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Jeff Gwinn, President
With over 25 years working in the insurance industry,  Jeff Gwinn is a very capable owner and president of this company.  He started in the auto body repair and has owned several body shops.  In 1991, Jeff started AutoNet International, Inc. d/b/a The Appraisal Advantage.  At first, it was just him but, soon he started to grow and has been growing ever since.  He has become an industry leader in both service and technology.  In March 2005, we changed the company name to NADO Insurance Services (North American Disaster Operations).  The name Appraisal Advantage did not really indicate our services.  This has been a good change.

Joseph Viceroy, CEO

Joseph has Masters Degree in Economics and Finance and a minor in business management.  He worked on Wall Street as an investment banker for 5 years.  For the past 11 years he has been doing international investment banking in his own firm.  He now works for NADO and is directly responsible for setting budgets and projections and to assist us with daily operations.

Jim Eckman, Chairman of the Board

Jim has been with NADO for 2 years.  He came in as an investor but has taken a much more active  roll  in our company.  We know we could pull on his endless business experience to help us guide the ship.  Jim retired in 1998 and has worked as a consultant for several major corporations in the coal industry.  An engineer by trade, he has a unique vision of how to help put our company together and keep it together.

Craig Eckman, VP CAT Operations

Craig has a degree in Finance with an emphasis in Insurance from Georgia Southern University and has been in the insurance industry for 19 years.  He has worked for several major insurance companies as well as a Third Party Administrator.  He has been with NADO for 3 years and has moved up from a manager to VP.  He brings great skills and  ideas to the table.  Craig  is directly responsible for the set up to closure of every CAT site in the country.  He has put together a good support staff and set himself up for success.

Frank DeGuia, VP, Regional Supervisor

Frank has been with NADO for 8 years.  He started as an auto appraiser but quickly moved his way up through the ranks.  Prior to working with NADO, Frank was an officer with the FBI.  He has a background in auto and property adjusting from the Philippines.   Frank also has a Masters Degree in Criminology and speaks 5 languages fluently.


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